söndag 8 februari 2015

Here are my next theatre productions from March to October 2015:

Concept, scenography: Marta Cicionesi
  Performance: Kroppens Tysta Rop
 Première 26-28.3.2015 at New Directions Festival, Studio Acusticum Piteå.
  Choreographer Maria Lawino Johnson, Organ amd electronic music Gary Verkade, Lightdesign and film Ilkka Häikiö, costumes Chiara Pellizzer.

Scenography and mask: Marta Cicionesi 
 Performance: Monologen Efter Måsen

 Première 3.4.2015 and throughout the summer at
Teteater, Övrabyborg Tomelilla.
Idea and script by Elena Alexandrova, Lightdesign Ilkka Häikiö.
Realisable with a production grant by Konstnärsnämnden.

Scenography: Marta Cicionesi 
 Performance: Bobby Fischer bor i Pasaden by Norén
Première 19.6.2015 and throughout the summer at
 Skillinge Teater 
Directed by Christian Tomner, lightdesign Ilkka Häikiö. 

 Scenography: Marta Cicionesi 
Visual workshop for Performance: Dissection d´une chute de neige by Sara Stridsberg.
Realizable with the grant of International Cultural Exchange by

22-30 maj 2015
at Theatre Le Hublot, och L´avant Scene organised by  med Collectif Masque i Paris and directed by Mariana Araoz.
 The final performance will be premièred at 

  Premiär på Figuier Blanc Argenteuil Paris on 11.3.2016.


(Picture will come soon for: )

Performance: Dramahästar
Scenography and Masks: Marta Cicionesi

Process: Workshop 1. 29.11 2014.

Workshop 2 : 14.2.2015 
Première 15.7.2015 at Hovdala slott/ castle, Hässleholm.
Concept by Klinten Kultur Ulrika Mickels Nord, directed by Mariana Araoz . 

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