söndag 8 februari 2015

Here are my next theatre productions from March to October 2015:

Concept, scenography: Marta Cicionesi
  Performance: Kroppens Tysta Rop
 Première 26-28.3.2015 at New Directions Festival, Studio Acusticum Piteå.
  Choreographer Maria Lawino Johnson, Organ amd electronic music Gary Verkade, Lightdesign and film Ilkka Häikiö, costumes Chiara Pellizzer.

Scenography and mask: Marta Cicionesi 
 Performance: Monologen Efter Måsen

 Première 3.4.2015 and throughout the summer at
Teteater, Övrabyborg Tomelilla.
Idea and script by Elena Alexandrova, Lightdesign Ilkka Häikiö.
Realisable with a production grant by Konstnärsnämnden.

Scenography: Marta Cicionesi 
 Performance: Bobby Fischer bor i Pasaden by Norén
Première 19.6.2015 and throughout the summer at
 Skillinge Teater 
Directed by Christian Tomner, lightdesign Ilkka Häikiö. 

 Scenography: Marta Cicionesi 
Visual workshop for Performance: Dissection d´une chute de neige by Sara Stridsberg.
Realizable with the grant of International Cultural Exchange by

22-30 maj 2015
at Theatre Le Hublot, och L´avant Scene organised by  med Collectif Masque i Paris and directed by Mariana Araoz.
 The final performance will be premièred at 

  Premiär på Figuier Blanc Argenteuil Paris on 11.3.2016.


(Picture will come soon for: )

Performance: Dramahästar
Scenography and Masks: Marta Cicionesi

Process: Workshop 1. 29.11 2014.

Workshop 2 : 14.2.2015 
Première 15.7.2015 at Hovdala slott/ castle, Hässleholm.
Concept by Klinten Kultur Ulrika Mickels Nord, directed by Mariana Araoz . 

lördag 15 november 2014

L´enfant à la peu bleu will be performed in Paris, dec 2014

From18 to 26 december 2014 at  Centre Mandapa (<click here!), Paris.
Contes du Turpial will perform L´enfant à la peau bleu with my masks and costumes.

By/With Marcela Obregon and Marcelo Milchberg, Idea, Masks and Costumes: Marta Cicionesi, director: Francois Kergourlay, Lights: Jean Grison, Make-up: Analía Perego.

See a rehearsal on Youtube, (<click here!)


torsdag 6 november 2014


Hi, here is my new blog!  

I shall keep it up-dated with my on-going set design projects.

My latest project picture shows me in my studio in Österlen Sweden, busy integrating light into modules of the set for the dance performance "Kirsten",  which was premièred in Lund at Skissernas Museum on september 22 2014.

My thanks to Björn Rix, web designer of my home page: www.scenograf.nu